Cashing a Paycheck is Different
From Having Financial Stability

What financial stability looks like…

I’m a trained carpenter, with three of my blocks. Before GBro I bounced around a lot with carpentry jobs, it was hard to find full time work. Here, I’ve always got work, and I’ve got room to advance. CPM has three companies, so even if I think I’ve hit the top, or gone as far as I can in one area – there is always somewhere else to learn and grow. There is so much to learn with this team, and if you ask there’s always someone to teach you.

What makes a great teammate…

This team is such a great team – we are so well rounded. We have a lot of skilled team members but everyone has their niche and talent so you can always be learning – and we can also get a lot done. We need new team members who want to be part of that dynamic. A group that achieves together. For starters you need to show up for work, every day. If you show up ready to work ,there is no end to what you can achieve.

What really matters in terms of being happy at work…

Well, if you could start with sunshine and breeze, because for me, bad weather is the worst part of the job. Seriously though, when the team has arrived on time to get the job done and by 7:15 we know what we need to accomplish. When I hit a new detail and I’ve got a few questions I’m able to ask another teammate to make sure I’m doing it right. When we achieve the goal, that’s a great day. To be constantly learning, and challenged with a team that’s there to help, there’s nothing better.

What makes GBro rock as an employer…

 I’ve been in a lot of jobs that didn’t stick. I’m a person who always needs to be learning something new, acquiring new skills. With GBro you get that opportunity. You aren’t swinging a hammer all day mindlessly, you are building something with your team and yourself. There is so much opportunity to move forward in your career.

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