Talk STOPS Being Cheap when
an Employer Delivers

What surprised me about GBro initially…

They treat us really well and you have so many opportunities. I feel there is a lot of room for me to advance and grow here. I might get my own site to run one day, a crew, or a work truck and there’s a lot that is possible for my future. They are genuine when they tell you you’ll advance if you work hard, they don’t just say it, you see the rewards in terms of benefits and opportunities.

What makes a great teammate…

Alot of my friends had gone to college and University, and it just wasn’t for me. I had some carpentry experience in high school. So, when a family friend referred me to GBros I thought why not? There is something about doing physical work, about learning new things – and then seeing a project completed that is seriously rewarding. Working outside year round was an adjustment. It’s dark at times when you start and finish the day – and the cold can interfere with your tools so you can’t get discouraged. , take it in stride and get the work done.

What makes GBro rock as an employer…

When I first started I thought I’d just be treated like a labourer, that I’d spend my first year just cleaning up job sites and doing grunt work but they taught us how to do things right away. Within my first few weeks George was excited when he saw me walking the floor joists, he praised me for not being afraid and told me it had taken him much longer to be comfortable with doing that.

What really matters in terms of being happy at work…

What makes me most happy on this job, is when you arrive and we’ve just got a full truckload of floors or walls. At our GBro “toolbox meeting” we chat about the plan to get it all installed – and we execute it. Looking at the work, and knowing we did as much as we could in the day. Did the job. All of us together, put up a truckload of floors or walls – you feel really good.

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