Having Someone’s Back,
Doesn’t Happen by Chance

What makes GBro rock as team…

I think the reason we’ve got teammates who work right to retirement here is the way these guys treat you. I have been so impressed with George, Jason and the whole team at GBro. Most employers don’t really go above and beyond but these guys let you know you’re appreciated. It might be holding an event to celebrate a job, or to help a teammate. It might be the health benefits and paid holidays you get, which certainly aren’t common in construction. Above all, it’s the way they touch base daily, reward you for a job well done and tell you as much to your face.

What really matters in terms of being happy at work…

Coming onto with some construction experience, I’ve really appreciated the way my ideas are heard. If I bring a new idea, or method to the team they try it out with a smaller group. We’d give feedback at our “toolbox meetings” to see if it helped, or worked. If it did work, we add it on all the other job sites. There are tools or ideas I’ve brought that are implemented on every GBro job site.

What surprised me about GBro initially…

I joined the CPM team over a decade ago, but that hasn’t stopped me from advancing, I love the flexibility of being able to work with all the different divisions of the company, no two days are ever the same.

What a great day looks like…

You get pretty addicted to the feeling of what you accomplished with your own hands. When we start a day saying what our goals are, and we finish the day as a team having completed that or more, it’s pretty amazing.

What financial stability looks like…

There are times when I worry that this job is too hard to do for the long term. You’ve gotta be ready to show up, and work hard, outdoors, all year long. Then I look at guys like George who are still out here swinging a hammer at 53 years old and there’s no doubt, there will be work for me for as long as I’m willing.

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