Increase Your Value with a Boss
Who’s Obsessed with Learning

What makes GBro rock as an employer...

Jason, George and GBro supervisors/leads are all down-to-earth, hard hardworking people. They appreciate you, they teach you, they show you something in a nice way. When I started I knew some things, but now I can do almost everything on a job site. If you asked me a few years ago would I be operating a crane? Well six months ago, they needed a crane operator, so they taught me how to do it. They can hardly surprise me with anything anymore, but they are always challenging us with something new to learn.

What financial stability looks like…

I’m from northern New Brunswick. I’ve always worked hard, fishing lobster, doing mechanical jobs, but there was never enough steady work. When work dried up here, I heard GBro was busy, so I gave George a call. He told me if I moved down here, he’d have a job for me. Since I joined I’ve gone from years of not having regular work, to being able to buy my own home here in Moncton. These guys made it worth my while to not go back to lobster fishing, so it says something about the team and the way they treat you.

What really matters in terms of being happy at work…

I’ve started at the bottom with GBro and come pretty far already, and there are still more opportunities ahead. I find leading rewarding, I enjoy figuring out the way people work best together. On a big framing project, you often work together with the same team for more than a month. You learn how to group people together on a jobsite. There are natural leaders in the mix, carpenters, skilled framers, and new teammates. It’s important to pair them with the people who want to learn, and so you leverage the experience and expertise people have to share. There is rarely a bad day for me, cause I love what I do.

What a great teammate looks like…

If you want to be a framer, you have to understand that we work outside, all year long. You’ve got to show up every day, because people depend on you. When you finish a task you need to always be thinking and asking, “what can I do next to help get the job done”. My worst fear in life is a desk job, I want to work hard – and 40 hours is rarely enough for me.

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