Earn the Respect of Your Team,
or Die a Slow Death

I don’t lead from the truck seat. I don’t yell at people from the sidelines. I don’t ask people to do something I won’t do myself.

Team performance and job satisfaction will never be good if your employees aren’t kept in the loop. I have always believed that if you want a team to take pride and be loyal – the first thing you need to do is earn their respect.

We never ask our frontline people to do anything that’s unsafe. We provide training, but if you want to prove yourself and take on new challenges, the sky’s the limit. I’ve got employees who started with me at 18 years old, and by 24 they’re running a crew of 15 guys. We believe in rewarding people and taking care of them.

Construction has changed, it’s not a seasonal job anymore – it’s full time. We build year round. You’ve got to have a good attitude and be prepared for the challenge. Our people want full time work, they want a reliable job – and they don’t want to worry they won’t be hired again next spring. We have guys that have been working here full time 28 years and counting.

Today GBro is one of the largest framing companies in the Maritimes- one of the few only ones who gives their employees benefits. It’s good to see tradespeople finally being paid fairly in the Maritimes. The demand and need has arrived, and the opportunity is here for people who want a future.

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